Monday, 30 November 2009

Boudicca you rock my world!

I adore Boudicca. Not even necessarily the designs, but the whole brand philosophy which is based around major historical female figure... Boudicca aka Boadicea!... brain child of Zowie Broach & Brian Kirby

The website is called Platform13 because there are myths suggesting she is buried beneath platform 13 at St Pancreas, and their perfume 'Wode' not only contains an extract of Hemlock, the poison that Queen Boudicca killed herself with but also comes out blue!!... Legend has it that she and her tribe wore cobalt blue warpaint into battle... even the name 'wode' derives from woad a deep blue plant extract used for tribal markings by the ancient... it was seen as magical! The perfume sprays out blue but within minutes fades leaving only the scent behind.... how f**king cooool!

I just think their whole brand identity is amazing and inspiring. And the way they present this too... their website is a navigational maze of, well... Boudicca. There is not only archived imagery of their collaborations and projects, but if you look at their couture collections, they show you the whole inspiration behind them, music, films, quotes, collages.

Its really inspiring to experience the whole philosophy that informs the designs, i really like the use of collage to create new imagery which i am gonna adopt myself. Gosh i feel there is so much to tell you but i think you should experience it for yourself.... however you must must must look at their new couture collection essays... the film is incredible... well i love it... and again after you have watched it you can access information about all of their influences, books, quotes, music and even stills from the film!

P.s the password is essays...

Definitely check out the website

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