Friday, 6 November 2009

SHOWstudio...Fashion Revolution!

Today I went to SHOWstudio, the current Fashion Revolution exhibition is incredible and really demonstrates how the borders between art, music and fashion are dissolving into one big orgy of creativity!! The exhibition brings attention to the more recent emergence of fashion film, the whole idea of SHOWstudio is to bridge the gap between designer and consumer, artist and viewer, and fashion film gives us a deeper insight into what the designers want to portray with their collections!.... besides they're just f**king cool!!

Transformer: The Bridegroom Stripped Bare

Amazing, Alexander McQueen transforms this bridegroom into a bride by cutting, draping, pinning directly on the garment whilst the model is wearing it... its not only fascinating but beautiful to watch and gives a real insight to a designer at work!

We also saw a live shoot by the man himself... Nick Knight.... it was a bit of a scrabble to get to the front of the mirrored glass barrier... but well worth it! we were so lucky to see Natalia Vodianova at work and two changes of outfits....

Apologies... the photos arent amazing!

The whole shoot from where we were standing.

Cheeky bit of editing!

ooooh stylists at work!

Definitely check out the exhibition.... and bookmark the website!

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